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Omelette / Pancake Molds (4pcs)

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Simple nice molds for your omelette or pancakes. Your kids will definitely enjoy a new shape breakfast!

Set of four includes round, flower, heart and star shapes. Place molds on a preheated pan, then pour in eggs or batter. When it’s cooked, remove the mold using the handles.

The pancake molds are made from stainless steel, they are easy to use and to clean. Perfect for egg muffins, mini pancakes, small omelettes, poached eggs, burgers.

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Silicone Mat for Baking


This silicone mat for baking is perfect for dough rolling. It can attached firmly on table surface and the scaling lable in the middle of the mat will help you to make the dough rolling into the size that you prefer for your pie or pizza. Containes also measure and temperature indications for baking.

The silicone mat has no smell, it is easy to clean. Heat resistance till 220°, you can use it also in the oven.

A perfect gift for people who love to cook!

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Wooden Chopsticks and Spoon Set


Wooden Chopsticks and Spoon: Japanese Style Set

Transform a normal dinner in a Japanese style party! If you like sushi, sashimi, rice or noodles you definitely need a set of reusable wooden chopsticks. Our set contains also a wooden spoon for plating or cooking.

Easy to store and to clean. Great gift for foodies!

Wooden Salad Bowls
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Wooden Salad Bowls (3 pcs)


3 small wooden bowls for plating. You can use them as individual salad bowls, but they are also perfect for serving appetizers, tapas, salsa, chips and home-made guacamole. A nice detail for a summer party. Easy to clean.

Do you like natural materials and vintage style? This wooden salad bowls set is perfect for you!

Wooden Snack Plate
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Wooden Snack Plate


Creative wooden serving plate for snacks, apetizers, fruit and other foods. Choose a safer and healthier, non toxic alternative to the regular plastic plates for parties. The nice shape with four sections will make snack time fun for everyone and are the perfect addition to your natural lifestyle!

Please rinse with warm water before use.

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Wooden Tea Cups (8 pcs)


Wooden tea cup set of 8 pcs.

Invite your family and friends for a wonderful vintage Japan style tea ceremony using small wooden tea cups! Made of natural wood, this set is close to nature, simple and elegant. Round shaped cups fit nicely in your hands and since the wood works as a natural insulator, exterior never gets too hot to touch.

A perfect gift for anyone who loves tea!